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Kristen's World

Kristen Randolph is the creator of Alter Ego and Flipswaps. 
She is a free spirit and passionate person. 
Having traveled around the world, she has taken her love for different cultures and fashion and created a line of shoes where women can show their different PERSONALITiES with a switch of an accessory.
In her previous life she was a prosecuting attorney, frequently being told that her outfits might be a little too edgy for the courtroom. After discovering her creative Alter Ego, she dove head over heels into developing a new shoe line for women who have many different facets.   
She is married to a rock and roll drummer, a commercial real estate superstar and a Sommelier (really, he is all the same guy). 
She has two beautiful, sassy, and smart children.
When she is not hard at work you can find her spending her time drinking good wine, eating homemade pizza and reading a spy novel.
She lives with passion, creativity and a get-the-hell-out-of-the-way-attitude.
She loves art, Chardonnay and Cabernet, and animals of all kinds.