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the story

She elegantly crosses her ankles and then changes her mind and crosses her legs as she pushes her empty cappuccino cup back on the café table. When he saw her across the ballroom on the previous night, he would have described her as sensual and dark, in black leather and feathered shoes.  This morning, however, as they entered the boardroom, on opposite sides of the table, he would have described her as eloquent and commanding, with pearls upon her feet. Yet when she emerged from her flat this afternoon there was no denying that she was the most glamorous woman he had ever seen, (and he lives on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood).  Adorned with naked yet stunning shoes, she draws the attention of men and women alike.  What he doesn't know is that sometimes on the weekends her alter ego feels wild and free and so do her shoes.  


Effortlessly original.

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